Bringing The Hop-Up Pop-Up to Life
with Collaborators butterNmilk and Pei-Per Flower

Last month, we unearthed the story of our local trees and took on the challenge of using local wood in fresh, inspiring new ways for Christmas with Our Trees. This month, we leap forward into a new year by continuing our exploration of local crafts and materials through paper artistry. We had the great joy of working closely with two incredible artists from Singapore to develop The Hop-Up Pop-Up — an installation that transforms The Great Hall into a playful bunnyscape filled with cardboard bunny sculptures and paper flowers.

Join us in getting to know our collaborators, cardboard sculptor butterNmilk and paper flower artist Pei-Per Flower, and how The Hop-Up Pop-Up was brought to life with their skilled hands.


Hopping Into Spring with Larger-Than-Life Bunny Sculptures


When you step into The Great Hall, the first thing that catches your eye will likely be the super-sized bunnies — including one that reaches up to 4m tall. Made entirely from cardboard, these sculptures are the handiwork of artist Bartholomew Ting, who goes by the moniker butterNmilk. 

Bartholomew, or Bart, began his foray into the world of cardboard sculpture nearly two decades ago in Singapore. “Cardboard is flexible, malleable, accessible and recyclable,” he tells us. “Its sustainable qualities, and the endless creative opportunities it offers make it my number one choice of material.”

Today, he’s an internationally recognised artist whose work takes him across the world, specialising in giant cardboard sculptures like the bunnies you see at our neighbourhood. Bart’s daily life and travels as an artist feed back into his craft. On where he draws inspiration from, he shares that “I get lots of ideas from travelling and visiting places that I have never been to before, and I put them to use in my artwork.”

When asked about what drew him to creating sculptures at such a large scale? “Go big or go home.” 


Our Neighbourhood in Full Bloom with Intricate, Lifelike Paper Flora


Surrounding our family of bunnies that have made the Millenia Walk Seed Tree their home are intricate, elaborate arrangements of paper flowers. Like the rabbit sculptures, these flowers are also larger-than-life — only they’ve been created by another renowned local artist, Pei Li. Pei Li founded Pei-Per Flower in 2014, where she handcrafts paper flora and fauna to an almost unbelievable level of detail. 

Working with recycled everyday materials, Pei Li focuses on customising paper bouquets, plants and foliage, and large-scale displays for events including special occasions, storefronts and sets.

Giant flowers are a specialty of hers, yet she appreciates how the expansive area of The Great Hall has led to a different perspective and sense of scale. “The Great Hall at Millenia Walk is one of the largest areas that we have ever worked with,” Pei Li says. “The giant flowers look tiny in comparison to the vastness of the space available to showcase our flowers.”


Creating Work That Endures


If the structure that the bunnies and flowers sit on looks familiar, that’s because it is. Built as the foundation of our Christmas with Our Trees initiative in December 2022, the MW Seed Tree continues to stand tall in The Great Hall. Intended as an ode to the beauty of our local trees, to sustainable local materials, and to the work of our local timber experts and craftsmen, the structure is the result of months of preparation. Learning from the enduring nature of our local trees, we honour the effort and resources that went into the creation of the MW Seed Tree by repurposing it as the base for The Hop-Up Pop-Up.

Our sustainability resolutions extend to the rest of the installation as well. Both Bart and Pei Li value sustainability highly in their work and take pride in using sustainable materials. As Pei Li tells us, “I was also very pleased that there was a focus on sustainability [for this initiative at Millenia Walk] and on how we as artists can play a small part in supporting this agenda.” 


Coming Together to Colour Our Neighbourhood


We also had a very special third collaborator on this initiative: you, our community at Millenia Walk! Frequently welcoming the communities around him into his creative process, Bart’s installations are often participatory and interactive — an approach that resonates deeply with our belief in our community. It was only natural we took this opportunity to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and harmony for the Lunar New Year, and the people, creativity and stories that help our neighbourhood thrive.

We invited the people at our neighbourhood to express their creativity and leave a colourful mark on our bunny sculptures. To Bart, “the reactions from my art patrons are what I enjoy the most. They are a constant source of inspiration for my work!” Over a weekend of gathering with people from all walks of life for a series of painting sessions, we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting every one of you, and can attest to Bart’s sentiments.


Looking Ahead to a Year of Collaboration, Connection and Creativity


What’s next for Bart, Pei Li, and our MW Creative Neighbourhood? Bart’s looking forward to continuing to explore and share his craft with the world, and with the MW Creative Neighbourhood, where he’s been able to connect with creatives across different industries.

Pei Li is of similar sentiment, revealing, “It excites us to be able to work alongside fellow local creatives and artist on this special initiative.”

Thank you, Bart, Pei Li, and all who have left their mark on our installation in one way or another, for celebrating the joy of making beautiful things with us as one creative neighbourhood. Here’s to more happiness, abundance and prosperity at our neighbourhood this festive season.



 The fluffle of fun and festivities continues at Millenia Walk Creative Neighbourhood. Visit our neighbourhood to marvel at butterNmilk and Pei-Per Flower’s work up close, and don’t miss out on welcoming an auspicious new year with our Lion Dance Showcase. Find out more here.

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