Springing into High Spirits

Springing into High Spirits at the Millenia Walk Creative Neighbourhood


Take big leaps to new beginnings this Lunar New Year as Millenia Walk introduces the MW Creative Neighbourhood. More than a place, it celebrates our spirit of solidarity and a gathering of people prospering in the heart of creativity, innovation and stories—fresh and unexpected in every way.


Together, we thrive better. From shoppers to newcomers and the ones who stayed a constant through every reunion, each individual here brings our neighbourhood to life in full bloom.

Hop on by to experience a fluffle of fun and festivities, curated to welcome a season of abundance with everyone in our community. May this year of the rabbit bring about heaps of happiness, joy and prosperity. Onwards and upwards we leap.


The Hop-Up Pop-Up


In the spirit of festivities here in the MW Creative Neighbourhood, gather round a bunny reunion brought to life by local makers and sustainable materials. Watch how our MW Seed Tree installation transforms into burrows for playful paper bunnies. All, wandering around 800 local upcycled seating blocks, symbolising prosperity, new heights and our community spirit for the year ahead.



To make this happen, we invited cardboard sculptor, butterNmilk, to assemble larger-than-life bunnies for our installation. For this local maker, sculptures go beyond installations—they are invitations for audiences to participate in the creative process.



Our Hop-Up also features grand flora and fauna handcrafted by paper flower artist, Pei-Per Flower. Pei Li’s medium of choice is everyday recycled materials, which are reimagined into large-scale conversation pieces for weddings, commercials and installations.



As one creative neighbourhood, we celebrate the joys of making beautiful things together. May our bunnyscape installation bring a world of wonder to you and your loved ones this holiday season. The Hop-Up Pop-Up installation is on display from now till 5 Feb 2023.

The Great Hall  |  6 – 8 Jan 2023, Two time slots: 10:30am–12pm, 2:30pm–4pm daily

A community that paints together, thrives together. Make your mark on our rabbit installation and join us as we bring our neighbourhood to life in colour. Everyone is invited to join the fun!


Huat’s Hoppening 


Join our neighbourhood hop-up, featuring a Maker’s Market, Mochi workshops and other fun-filled activities.


Maker’s Market
Shopping Galleria Level 1, R&B Tea Premier Store Front |  6–15 Jan

Support our local makers as they present a treasure trove of lifestyle curations, artisanal food and more!



New Year Celebrations with Meidi-Ya
Shopping Galleria Level 1, Meidi-Ya Store Front  |  7 Jan, 2pm

Immerse in a Japanese-themed Lunar New Year celebration here, featuring a host of traditional performances and activities for everyone in the family.



Lion Dance Showcase 
The Great Hall | 30 Jan, 12.28pm

Get together for a spirited Lion Dance performance and drum up a new year of great fortune.



Gifts and More for All


Redeem a trail of treats and sweet deals, just for you!



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