SHOPHOP TILL THE BEST FINDS DROP! You never just “shop” at Millenia Walk. With so many shops – from boutiques, to lifestyle, to food – the only way to experience it all is to #shophop! To kick things off, three expert shophoppers spent a day each to discover what we have to offer. Join Norman, Nellie and Melissa, and get ready for your own shophopping trip soon!

Norman Tan

Norman Tan

Editor-in-chief, Buro 24/7


Avid watch collector. Enjoys simple dining. Addictied to caffiene. Loves fashion.

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Nellie Lim

Nellie Lim

Fashion Blogger


Obsessed with shoes. Started shoefies Daring with fashion. Heels are her essentials.

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Melissa Koh

Melissa Koh



A dreamer, a lover, a change maker and a believer of the infinite.

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What do you think the ever-stylish Melissa Koh would get up to at Millenia Walk? Come join her as she spends an entire Friday here checking out the food-stops, the gyms, and the shops, shops and more shops! Catch all the exciting action in her Insta-story repost now.

Q: What are some challenges you faced while James and yourself are prepping for your new home?

James: I think the biggest challenge we faced in building a home was deciding on the overall theme of the house (Scandinavian? Modern Lux? etc) and balancing between functionality and aesthetic.

Melissa: The main challenge we faced is having too many options.

Q: Describe your style in one word.

James: Simple.

Melissa: Timeless. I think I am quite versatile but I tend to gravitate towards classic pieces!

Q: How do you keep up with your exercise regime, or keep fit? Please give our readers some exercise tips.

James: I find that attending a class where you can exercise in a group helps a lot. Positive peer pressure goes a long way.

Melissa: The workout is most effective when there's an instructor to push and motivate me. The Triple Fit workout was great because we had an instructor and got to wear a Fitbit to measure how much we were exerting ourselves.

Q: Which are your favourite discoveries (purchases, stores or eateries) at Millenia Walk?

James: The Nihon Food Street and The Dark Gallery.

Melissa: Harvey Norman and The Dark Gallery.

Q: What are some of the home themes that you and James shortlisted? Any hints of the theme for your new home for our readers, as well as your fans?

James: Both of us gravitate towards wood elements as part of our home theme. We feel that it gives our house a warm and homely feel to it.

Melissa: I like the house to be bright and clean, so light colours are our go-tos.

Q: Any tips for new couples who are getting their house ready too?

James: Planning a home together as a couple can be fun but draining at the same time given the many options to consider as a couple. It can be particularly taxing if you are an inexperienced 1st time home-owner. I would highly recommend seeking a third opinion/help (either via an Interior Designer or a friend/relative with experience). Engaging an Interior Designer has been one of our best decisions as it’s taken a huge load off our shoulders and saved a lot of time.

Melissa: I totally agree. Get an ID! That person is most crucial in piecing everything together for your dream house. Our ID even came down with us to Harvey Norman and Commune to browse and give his recommendations.

Get fashion tips from Norman Tan and Nellie Lim at Millenia Walk this GSS!

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