How to Give Better Gifts: As Told by Our Shopkeepers

This season of giving, find out how to shop for different types of gifts from the people who know best. Whether you’re searching for a unique jewellery piece for a loved one, or for an item that will fit right into your recipient’s home, let our shopkeepers guide you in selecting the right gift for different interests, tastes and budgets.

Giving treasured jewellery gifts with LeCaine Gems

When it comes to jewellery, beauty lies in the beholder. Jewellery pieces are as varied as they come, and no two people will have the same response to a piece. LeCaine Gems often creates bespoke pieces from a customer’s preferences and requests, but their collection also includes plenty of ready-made pieces of different styles. 

How to identify a person’s taste in jewellery

A person’s taste in jewellery can be expressed in many different areas — not just the jewellery they already own.
Before purchasing or customising a jewellery gift for someone, consider:

How do they dress?
What décor or design features are present in their home?
Where do they enjoy dining at?
Do they normally wear rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets?
What type of metals do they usually wear?

LeCaine Gems’ recommendations for different budgets

Below $500:
0.3 carat moissanite earrings
Between $500 and $1000: 0.5 carat - 18k Gold 1 carat moissanite earrings, and 14K gold Kylie dainty rings
Between $1000 and $1500: 1.5-2 carat moissanite earrings, coloured moissanite necklaces,
and Chloe rings from our new LeCaine Whimsical collection
Between $1500 and $2000: Coloured moissanite earrings
Above $2000: Bracelet collection and lab grown sapphire earrings

Spend a minimum of $3,000 at LeCaine Gems and receive a beautiful pair of 14K Gold 0.3 carat Moissanite Stud Earrings, worth $450!
Valid until 31 Dec 2022. Terms & Conditions apply.


Giving versatile home and décor gifts with Grey & Sanders

The way we furnish our homes can be incredibly personal. Beyond our tastes in design, our décor choices are also informed by the size of our homes, and the way we use our space. The best home and décor gifts are versatile, and make great additions to any home. 

What to look out for when shopping for someone’s home

Beauty, function and size matter! Consider the interior design of your recipient's home, as well as their lifestyle and available space. Grey & Sanders’ Preston C-Shaped End Table is the perfect housewarming gift — it's crafted by hand using only the best natural solid walnut wood, and its petite size fits well in every corner of the home.

If you're not too familiar with your recipient’s taste in décor or design, go for a failsafe accessory, like a charcuterie serving board. It’s a versatile kitchen essential that sits well in most homes, regardless of their interior design. Your recipient may use it to serve cheeses, appetisers, desserts and more!

For someone with eclectic taste, colourful cushions are a great gift. They allow your recipient to go wild with creativity while adding a touch of comfort to their living space.

Grey & Sanders’ recommendations for different budgets

Below $100:
Candles, cushions, vases, and charcuterie serving boards
Between $100 and $300: Wooden home decor pieces, poufs and ottomans,
and the Grey & Sanders Preston C-Shaped Table

Enjoy up to $1,000 off storewide at the Grey & Sanders Year End Sale!
Valid until 30 November 2022. Terms & Conditions apply.


Giving impressive listening experiences with AV Intelligence

Audiophile or not, audio gifts can be cherished items by just about anyone who enjoys listening to music or appreciating cinema. For someone who’s often on-the-go, opt for the gift of an a portable audio product, like headphones or portable wireless speakers. On the other hand, if your recipient prefers listening to music at home, pay attention to their home and listening preferences. 

How to shop for audio gifts for someone’s home 

Consider the size of your recipient’s home and how they enjoy listening to music. 

What size of music system can their space accommodate?
Do they prefer small music systems or large HiFi systems?
Do they love the feel of a home cinema?

The beauty of audio systems is that they can be tailored for different listening experiences. At AV Intelligence, you’ll find audio products that range from $399 to a half-a-million dollar audio system — including systems that can bring concerts to life, or recreate the cinema experience, from home.

Spend a minimum of $500 at AV Intelligence and enjoy $50 off audio products.
Terms & Conditions apply.


Giving timeless, collector-worthy gifts with HULS Gallery Singapore

Each art piece has a story to tell, and their beauty deepens with time. Although the pieces we’re drawn to is always a matter of personal preference, you’ll always find something new to appreciate in each piece. Take HULS Gallery Singapore’s Kanazutsu Tea Caddy, which features brass and cherry bark elements that evolve in both colour and appearance with use. HULS Gallery’s collection of premium gifts spans teaware, sakeware and tableware from below $100 to above $500.

Choosing between ceramics, lacquerware, woodenware and glassware

In Singapore’s humid weather, we have to be more mindful when handling woodenware, taking care to keep wooden pieces dry whenever they’re not in use to prevent mould. Apart from this, all other materials have their own unique characteristics.

How to shop for drinkware for a tea lover

Consider the type of tea your recipient favours. For example, if they prefer low temperature teas like gyokuro or kabuse sencha (green tea), the handleless teapot, Houhin, will be an ideal choice for steeping such teas. For more versatile daily use, try a piece from HULS Gallery’s selection of teaware.

Visit HULS Gallery Singapore to appreciate the Kanazutsu Tea Caddy, a unique collaboration between a 170-year-old Kabazaiku maker in Akita Prefecture and Nousaku, a long-established metal casting manufacturer in Toyama Prefecture.

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