New Seasonal Menu at Yayoi

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant

Enjoy Yayoi’s Latest Creations - the Saba Miso & Tori Tempura and the Wafu Steak. End the meal with a sweet treat! Choose between the Warabi Mochi - deliciously chewy mocha and drizzled with kuromitsu syrup or the Hiyashi Zenzai - deeply flavoured green tea ice-cream paired with red beans. Feast on these Japanese delights, hurry head over to YAYOI and try it out for yourself!

A treasury of discoveries on the canvas of chocolate

The Dark Gallery

The Dark Gallery presents a treasury of discoveries on the canvas of chocolate. At the café, using only the finest grade of cacao from around the world, we carefully compose chocolate, inspiring a rhapsody of desserts. Our menu includes a wide range of premium and artisanal chocolate desserts consisting of ice cream, chocolate and coffee beverages, plated desserts, ice cream cakes, chocolate bonbons, pastries and more. Discover the different taste profiles from chocolates of different origins, and find out where your favourite chocolate is from! The Dark Gallery invites you to open your senses and discover the dark.


Out with the old and in with the new!

Tokyo Chopped Salad

Out with the old and in with the new! Presenting to you our summer salads - Japanese Momotaro Tomatoes paired with Bacon and Honey Mustard Dressing and for the seafood lovers, scallops paired with wholesome greens and Garlic Soy dressing. As always, heathy made tasty.

Collaboration with the famed Man Man Unagi restaurant

Teppei Syokudo

For a limited time only, we are collaborating with the famed Man Man Unagi restaurant serving up 3 premium unagi dishes. Enjoy the same unagi served at the Michelin Bib Gourmard Listed restaurant. All unagi are imported live from Japan and freshly grilled at Man Man Restaurant daily, before they are delivered to our shops.

New Watches at The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass

Sinn – EZM 12
The EZM 12 was designed specifically for life-saving missions – it features a count-up inner rotating bezel and countdown outer rotating bezel that allows doctors to keep an eye on specified time frames and the seconds hand’s integrated pulse scale enables easy recording of the heart rate every 15 seconds.

Hublot - Big Bang Ferrari King Gold
45mm King Gold Automatic
Introducing the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold, a new edition of the iconic timepiece created by the partnership that is never short of imagination. This new design combines Hublot’s cutting edge ideas and Ferrari’s design language. The perfect silhouette and proportions highlights the new architecture of the Big Bang Ferrari, featuring highly functional yet stylish details.