Sandaime Hiraki

New Izakaya Style Restaurant at Nihon Street Opens

Sandaime Hiraki is an izakaya style restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Japanese oden and grilled seafood. Perfect for a get together with friends, or simply unwinding after work with your colleagues, be sure to try their succulent grilled oysters and grilled fish, and pair it with a bottle of sake.

Thai Affair

New Breakfast Menu

Enjoy Thai Pork Porridge or Chicken Porridge set at $6, inclusive of a hot or cold drink.  Breakfast available on weekdays from 8am to 11am.  Ala carte order at $5.50.

Au Croissant

New French Bakery and Cafe Opening Soon

Au Croissant was founded and set up in the year 2019. The french have been known to produce the best and highest quality of bread, inspiring us to make Au Croissant a french inspired bakery.