R&B Premier

R&B Premier is now open

R&B Tea Premier is a tea concept that places great emphasis on the origins of the tea leaves with each cup handcrafted by our tea baristas using all-natural ingredients.

Indulge in the all-time signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk w/ Cheese Brulee or enjoy exclusive drinks such as the special Rich Macchiato Tea w/ Fresh Milk series in R&B Tea Premier’s extensive menu.

Opening Promotion
Enjoy 50% off second drink from 13 to 22 Jul 2021

Sapporo Misono

First Hokkaido Ramen Concept by Keisuke Group Opens 

The first-ever Hokkaido specialty ramen concept by Keisuke Group, Sapporo Misono. This is Chef Keisuke Takeda’s 9th ramen concept offering customers a quick escape to Japan’s Winter Wonderland by serving an extensive variety of Hokkaido-style ramen, rice and side dishes, leaving customers spoiled for choices. Opening its doors at Millenia Walk, home to an array of authentic Japanese restaurants, Sapporo Misono sets itself apart by offering a range of dishes that hold a special place in the hearts of those who miss Hokkaido.

Absolute Sound

Audiophiles, Listen Up! (Opening Soon)

Absolute Sound is home to premium audio brands from around the world since 1992. Founded on the love of music, their passion for accurate musical reproduction drives them to deliver a rich and engaging experience to the ears of movie-goers and music lovers alike. Absolute Sound’s curated selection of high-precision audio offerings empowers them to provide audio solutions catered to your listening preference, interior design, and budget.

Black Knight Hotpot

Opening in August

Warm your stomach with the many tasty broth options and premium ingredients at this Taiwanese hotpot restaurant.

With fresh seafood, quality meats like Wagyu and US Prime short ribs, alongside Chinese braised dishes, you’ll have hearty dining experience.

Joe & Dough

New Menu at Joe & Dough

Introducing Joe & Dough's new menu with bold and fresh new flavours. Enjoy hearty and delicious fair that you cant get enough of.

New Items:
- Scrambled Egg Croissant with Creamy Bacon Sauce ($16)
- Truffled Mac & Cheese ($13)
- Smached Avocado and Smoked Salmon Tartine ($14)
- Beef Bulgolgi Baked Rice ($16)