The true tastes of cacao grown in Southeast Asia

The Dark Gallery

Take a trip with The Dark Gallery and explore their Single Origin Chocolates that truly reflect the tastes of cacao grown in Southeast Asia. Check out the newly revamped Single Origin Platters, or the new Cold Brew Cacao Tea made with Chiang Mai cacao husks and nibs.

Moonlight stalking with the Hunting Watch 3006

The Hour Glass

Moonlight stalking with the HUNTING WATCH 3006. The HUNTING WATCH 3006 is the first of our watches to feature this extraordinary complication. The moonlight display has been purposefully positioned at 6 o’clock, with a luminous moon symbol to ensure it is easy to see, even in the dark. The story behind this additional function: hunters not only need a clear, open view for a successful hunt; they also need the right light. Hunters refer to the right lighting conditions for stalking as good hunting light. In order to be able to hunt the authorised types of game at night-time, there must be adequate natural lighting from the moonlight. The moonlight display on the HUNTING WATCH 3006 shows when the moon is shining bright enough to see and catch the game.

KingKong-licious Japanese rice bowls

Chirashi Kingkong

Chirashi King Kong is a new hipster joint that serves KingKong-licious japanese rice bowls. A creative fusion of earthy aromatic truffle rice, topped with fresh ingredients, we strive to serve premium food at affordable prices. With a burst of colourful flavours on our menu, we’ve got those palates ticking!

SkinOwl is finally here in Singapore

The Naturally Better Company

SkinOwl is finally here in Singapore! SkinOwl's sole mission is to educate you about your skin & deliver the best fast-acting products, so that skin "care" can be the catalyst to caring about every genuinely important facet of your life.

"I wanted people to see results overnight. I wanted to provide more than just skin care, but deliver a core component of total self-care too. I wanted women to feel like they had a safe haven to ask questions and receive quality advice about their skin in what can often be seen as a confusing industry." - Annie Tevelin, Founder SkinOwl

Experience the SkinOwl collection exclusively at The Naturally Better Company.


A gastronomic adventure of rich aromas and earthy flavours awaits you


A gastronomic adventure of rich aromas and earthy flavours awaits you! Enchant your palate with a refined spread of culinary treasures fit for an emperor, infused with fresh truffle goodness.

Available till 31 Oct 2018.