LeCaine Gems

Opening Soon

LeCaine Gems crafts fine jewellery and custom makes elegant, bespoke styles personalized for any occasion. Combining conflict-free lab grown diamond alternatives such as Moissanite and ethically sourced gemstones, LeCaine Gems create stunning and luxurious jewellery that is affordable and reasonably priced.

Meidi-Ya (Supermarket)

Opening in November 2020

Meidi-Ya will be unveiling its 2-storey flagship store at Millenia Walk in November 2020.

The new store will be its biggest in Singapore, and focuses on authentic Japanese food, mainly those imported directly from Japan by Meidi-Ya.  It will also integrate a Japanese-style supermarket and a food court, with a space for tasting Japanese fruits and vegetables, meat, fresh fish, sushi, delicatessen, and sake.

Gnomon Watches

New Watch in Store

With a moniker that interprets “ I Measure,” Mido sets out to produce cutting-edge Swiss Made timepieces. Distinguished by timeless architectural design that is unshaken by ongoing trends, Mido exudes an array of modern, stylish pieces deemed classics.