The Hour Glass


Big Bang Sang Bleu II

More ambitious than the Big Bang Sang Bleu launched in 2016, the new Big Bang Sang Bleu II passionately channels the design skills of world famous tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi. A case with more finely-chiselled lines, conveyed in three dimensions. An expression of the passage of time, the hands - two elongated diamonds and an arrow - are stylised fragments of tattoos, set above a hypnotic chronographic movement.

We The People

Heng Lamp

Powered on by a gravitational pull, the Heng Lamp turns on as two round cores meet mid-air and remain suspended. Comes in different colorways that suit your style, the Heng Lamp is the ideal touch to your home or workspace! Brighten up your room with this unique and interactive lamp! Visit We The people for many more new products in store!

Paulaner Brauhaus

Asparagus Season

Paulaner's Asparagus Season paired with their brand new edition Tropical Wheat beer starts on 9 May!