Floral Fusion: Charlotte Puxley Flowers' Botanical Symphony at MW

Embracing the Essence of Local Flora

In tribute to our indigenous plant life, we partnered with Charlotte Puxley Flowers, a floral studio based in Singapore, to design a woodland-themed focal point, turning our setup into a serene green sanctuary. Collaborating intimately with the nursery team, who have curated an assortment of rich greens, ferns, and cascading plants, we present a new outlook on the intricate layers and variety, abundant in our regional forests.

Unveiling their expertise in merging English countryside aesthetics with the tropical essence of Singapore's flora, we take a look at how this local bespoke florist has seamlessly woven a tapestry of natural beauty within the urban landscape, offering a captivating glimpse into the harmonious blend of two distinct floral worlds.

2. How does this collaboration with Millenia Walk compare to other projects you’ve worked on in the past? 

Inspired by the verdant landscapes of Singapore's renowned botanic gardens, the forest centrepiece at the Millenia Walk Seed Tree finds its roots. Our collaboration with Millenia Walk marks our inaugural project with this esteemed establishment, and it's indeed our maiden encounter with such a captivating brief. The challenge lay in crafting a proposal that not only aligned seamlessly with the specifications but also remained practical within the designated timeframe and project parameters. It inspired us to innovate and conceptualize an installation that perfectly encapsulated the essence of the brief while ensuring feasibility within the stipulated constraints.

Within this haven of botanical marvels, a myriad of non-native species acted as a canvas, allowing the team to not just envision but also intimately connect with the concept before weaving it into their design—a mesmerizing tapestry reflecting the tranquil allure of local forests.

3. What is the inspiration behind the forest centrepiece at the Millenia Walk Seed Tree? 

We all love the Botanic Gardens in Singapore and this initiative actually allowed us to try and capture an essence of that in the design of our centrepiece. Despite the gardens featuring numerous non-native species, they served as an invaluable resource, offering us a diverse index of plants to experience firsthand—seeing, touching, and smelling them provided us with a tangible visualisation of our concept before liaising with our nursery supplier. It allowed us to fine-tune our vision and incorporate elements that resonated with the serene beauty of the gardens into our creation.

4. Have your experiences at Millenia Walk influenced your installation in any way? 

We've always enjoyed going to Millenia Walk as it has lots of interesting, independent brands so when we offered to be a part of this, we wanted to try and capture this through our choice of planting. 

5. What do you hope visitors will take away from the forest centrepiece? 

We hope that the installation serves as a soothing space, inviting individuals to pause, breathe, and find solace amidst nature's embrace, if only for a brief moment.

Working closely with local and native plant species has illuminated the team to the captivating diversity and beauty harboured within Singapore's native forests. It is precisely this experience that has underscored the privilege of being surrounded by an abundance of unique and captivating plant varieties.

6. What is your biggest takeaway from working with local and native plant species? 

One of our biggest takeaways is that our native plants showcase incredible beauty and diversity. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such interesting and unique varieties. 

Unveiling the Uniqueness of Nature

Charlotte Puxley Flowers' enchanting forest-inspired centrepiece at MW stands as a testament to the allure of our native flora. Captivating visitors to immerse themselves in a tranquil oasis and showcasing the serene beauty nestled within our local forests. Don't miss the chance to explore the Millenia Walk Seed Tree—an artful blend of nature and craftsmanship, meticulously curated by Charlotte Puxley Flowers. A true celebration of botanical harmony awaits you in the MW Creative Neighbourhood!

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