Celebrate Earth Day: Shop and Dine Sustainably at Millenia Walk

At Millenia Walk, we have always been committed to supporting the environment as a community, and are invested in building a Creative Neighbourhood that contributes to meaningful impact on the world around us. To commemorate Earth Day, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the sustainable practices and sustainability initiatives of our neighbours.


LeCaine Gems

At LeCaine Gems, it’s moissanite gemstones, rather than diamonds, that are a girl’s best friend. Taking pride in being one of Singapore’s leading moissanite jewellers, LeCaine uses its expertise in creating and setting moissanite jewellery to craft exquisite pieces with this ethical and sustainable alternative to diamonds. Due to the rarity of naturally occurring moissanite, today, all moissanite is lab-grown, and is not associated with the conflicts or environmental degradation that surround gemstone mining — which includes soil erosion, deforestation, and pollution. If you find that moissanite isn’t your cup of tea, explore the rest of their collection or get in touch for a bespoke piece featuring other ethically sourced gemstones from LeCaine.




Led by Chef Andy Kueh and his passion for sustainable living, elemen shows us that sustainable eating and vegetarian cuisine don’t have to be dull or unappetising. Combining modern cuisine and natural ingredients, elemen makes vegetarian dining delicious and accessible, encouraging more of us to incorporate sustainable food choices into our lives. Even without adopting a vegetarian diet daily, embracing meatless cuisine just one or two days a week can make a difference in our ecological footprint. In fact, many of elemen’s diners are not vegetarians! Pop by to try their recipes for yourself and see just how unique and tasty vegetarian dining can be.



The Coffee Academïcs

At the core of The Coffee Academïcs is a dedication to furthering coffee education, and to supporting coffee cultures and communities. The Coffee Academïcs partners with organisations that only source from coffee beans farms and producers that comply with international ecological, social, and economic standards. Besides making coffee sustainably, The Coffee Academïcs is also working towards making it easier to consume their brews — or brew their blends — in a sustainable manner through initiatives like reusable cups and straws, and biodegradable capsules and packaging.



Grey & Sanders

When it comes to homes and interiors, the most sustainable furniture pieces are the ones that will last, and that users will appreciate for a long time. This philosophy informs Grey & Sanders’ approach to conscious and sustainable living, which also extends to practising a zero-waste wood policy and working as sustainably as possible. Every piece of furniture or wood slab starts with timber harvested from sustainably managed forests, and is finished using organic wood finishes. What’s more, most of their wood slabs use a finish that will make them easier to maintain over the years to come.



Huggs Coffee

Huggs Coffee shows us there are more ways to enjoy coffee sustainably beyond sustainable sourcing and packaging. Forging ties with the local community, Huggs works together with local brands and organisations to make the most out of every cup of coffee and support environmental work in Singapore. In return, customers get to discover unique products to incorporate in their sustainable lifestyles. Among their initiatives are projects to repurpose coffee grounds as fertilisers and coffee body scrubs, and a unique range of sustainable homeware, accessories and apparel in support of Mandai Wildlife Group’s wildlife conservation efforts — including a wooden bluetooth speaker!


Interested to know more about sustainability at MW Creative Neighbourhood? Discover how we created installations using sustainable materials for Christmas, in collaboration with Timber Actually, and for Lunar New Year, with artists butterNmilk and Pei-Per Flower.

 What’s more, our very first edition of Neighbourhood Socials is happening from now till 30th April. Gather at Millenia Walk for a series of pop-up markets, workshops and talks, and strike up a conversation with a community dedicated to uplifting our people and our environment. Find out more here.

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