Paulaner Brahaus


Thinking of going West? Get a taste of the Mediterranean at Bel Mondo Italian Kitchen, a restaurant that serves South Italian inspired cuisine, which is characterised by tangy tomato sauces, fragrant olive oil and fresh seafood. Over at Marco Marco, you’ll have a selection of a different kind of Italian fare, where palates are teased with global flavours, all served fresh. If you’re in the mood for something heartier, grab a table at Outback Steakhouse, where you’ll get the best of Aussie hospitality and 100% American deliciousness.

For meat lovers, a visit to Paulaner Brahaus will instantly teleport you to a German restaurant. This long-time establishment at Millenia Walk serves up pork knuckles, bratwursts and specialty craft beers in a traditionally German decor. Got a Swede-tooth? Fill the void for Swedish food with a satisfying meal at FIKA Swedish Café & Bistro. Their menu is halal-certified, so bring all your friends! Over at Fumée, you’ll find a fine selection of French cuisine, including delectable tapas, gourmet deli, and fresh bakes, all prepared from fresh ingredients while you lounge in the alfresco area.

For something simpler, but hipster-er, step into Kith for an artisanal brunch from a constantly-rotating menu of breads and pastries, daily crafted sandwich specials and pastas. Of course, everything pairs perfectly with their house blend and specialty coffees. And after that last email has finally left the outbox, grab your mates for happy hour tipples. Pick your poison: there Boulevard Craftbeer, where you can guzzle your favourite Archipelago Brewery beers while enjoying the alfresco view, or Wine Universe Restaurant & Wine Bar, which lets you nibble on contemporary Swiss cuisine while you sip from their immense selection of Swiss wines, boutique European wines and spirits.

Marco Marco
Kith Cafe

Japanese & Korean

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to cuisine from the Land of the Rising Sun and the land of the Sun Descendents with Millenia Walk’s wide range of Japanese and Korean dining options. Ramen stalwarts, Chabuton and Miharu Sapporo Ramen, are constantly dishing out steaming bowls of their famous ramen to their loyal fans. The former is known for their signature Tonkotsu Ramen which has won rave reviews from food critics, and the latter sees regular queues for their irresistible Sapporo style miso ramen.

House Of Gimbap
Tepper Syokudo

Meanwhile, tonkatsu lovers can just head straight to Saboten. Every bite of their perfectly breaded pork cutlets is an experience to be savoured. Not to be missed are their top-dog (hog?) Hungarian black pig cutlets.

Sometimes, what you really need is some decent sashimi. And you have your pick of the catch here, each with their unique specialities and offerings. There’s Teppei Syokudo – famous for their kaisendon, so you can get your daily serving of rice to go with your sashimi; Tomi Sushi – where you’ll be salivating at their selections of fresh seafood flown directly from the fish markets in Japan; and Rakuzen – which serves a whole range of other dishes and is very family-friendly.

For the more adventurous, Sandaime Bunji will be the ideal dining spot, with their highly raved ox tongue (gyutan) served in various styles, oden, and handmade umen. Also great for something different is Kurama Robatayaki. “Robatayaki” literally means “fireside cooking”, so be prepared for some fun interaction with the chef as he grills your selection of seafood, veggies, and more. After that, stay for some drinks and snacks at the co-located Yoi Sake Bar.

Sundaime Bunji

If you really want to indulge, there’s the Ultimate Beef Bowl from Sushi Murasaki. You get two kinds of uni (sea urchin), ikura (roe), kagoshima beef, shaved black truffle, onsen egg, kombu, and foie gras – excellent value for all that awesome freshness!

For Japanese on a budget, there’s Yayoi with their selections of teishoku – complete meals served on a tray, comprising of “ichiju-sansai”, or “one soup, three sides”, and as much rice as you can handle. Perfect for big families with big appetites who don’t need a big hole in their pockets. Alternatively, there’s Uma Uma, where you’ll find affordable meal choices, from MSG-free ramen to yakitori. Exclusive to Millenia Walk is a special menu of over 12 types of Yakitori and Kushikatsu prepared a la minute, paired with homemade sauces.

If you are really on a tight deadline, you can still get your Japanese fix at Mos Burger. Without any compromise in the quality, Mos Burger offers more time-friendly dining options. Or, drop by Pullman Bakery to pick up some freshly baked Japanese pastries for a quick snack. Rumour has it they use a special flour in their addictive creations. You’ll have to try them to find out.

Now, what if you’re in the mood for a quick and tasty K-fix? Make your way to House of Gimbap for their selection of premium quick-serve rice bowls with your choice of toppings. Pair your main with one of their many Korean wellness teas. Guaranteed to satisfy.

Uma Uma
YAYOI Japanese Teishoku Restaurant

Chinese & Vietnamese

If you’re having a hard time deciding between Chinese and Western, choose both! Elemen serves up vegetarian realness that fuses the best of East and West, all made from the finest and freshest ingredients.

Madam Saigon

And for those time when you can’t go to Saigon – don’t you just hate that? – Saigon comes to you! Madam Saigon offers an authentic Vietnamese dining experience, with a selection of mouth-watering pho, their always popular Fried Spring Rolls, and other Indochinese dishes.


International & Local

Feel like something a bit more global? Plentyfull offers great food made from scratch with fresh, seasonal ingredients. By day, it offers a market table luncheon spread where guests can mix and match their meals; by night, it transforms into a modern brasserie.

And for some local favourites, EAT (yes, all caps, so you know they’re serious) serves up local traditional fare at reasonable prices. Dishes include bak chor mee, fishball noodles, laksa, as well as a selection of finger foods.


Quick Bites

If espressos and long blacks don’t cut it for you, have a Singaporean break at Coffee & Toast. With a steaming cup of kopi-o in one hand, and a thick slice of toast laden with kaya and butter on the other, you’ve got it made for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, should you be in the market for a frothy cuppa, here are some café/restaurants to consider. There’s Patisserie G for great food and fine coffee options; Joe & Dough for a quick pick-me-up with their baked goodies; and Tart Blanc, where you can get a sweet fix of tarts and pastries.

If you’re up for light mains, there’s Commune Café with an extensive menu of gourmet food and brews. They even have a furniture section so you could very well meet the perfect coffee table while you sip your specialty coffee. For something leafy and healthy after a sinfully indulgent weekend, go pick up a salad at The Green Bar. You can’t go wrong with their Duck Breast Salad. Or, go big at Subway with a 6-inch or foot-long sandwich.

Patisserie G
Tart Blanc

Over at Beano, you’ll find a range of traditional desserts like bean curd and soy milk. They also offer lunch sets that include a bowl of rice, choice of soup and choice of savoury or sweet tofu. Other food options include Dried Mee-Siam, Dried Laksa and Red bean with peanut crush ice. And if you still have a sweet tooth to satisfy, Candy Empire has a wide selection of snacks that definitely hit the sweet spot.

Finally, if you just need a refreshing drink, ditch the coffee and opt for a Taiwanese handshaken bubble tea at KOI Café instead. But, of course, if you really do need that shot of caffeine to perk up your day, there are always the classics from Starbucks Coffee or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Or step into the new jewel on the block – Jewel Coffee – to sip artisanal coffee among its unique ambience.

So, there you have it. With something for every taste, budget and available time, you can be sure you’ll find that perfect meal at Milennia Walk. Bon appétit! And remember to Like our Facebook page to get the latest promotions and deals.