Delicious, Healthy Lunches to Look Forward to

As we leap into a new year, many of us may be considering a healthier diet, or more mindful eating as part of our personal goals. Healthy food can come in many different forms, be it light yet nutritious meals, preservative or dairy-free options, or a hearty, nourishing fare. Whatever way you’re looking to change your eating habits this year, explore a mouth-watering variety of healthier lunch menus that will care for your body while nourishing your soul.


The Coffee Academïcs


For a change in pace, inject fresh perspectives into your workday with new flavours at The Coffee Academïcs. Try 3 wholesome additions to their weekday menu: Fish & Chips with Homemade Curry Mayo, Beef Stew with Sourdough, and Pesto Pappardelle. Plus, each set comes with a starter and a cup of tea or their world-class coffee to make for a generous meal and the perfect midday pick-me-up.





In search of easier or lighter options for lunch? Keep it simple with Kith’s lunch and brunch menu. Go for salads, green bowls or acai bowls to get your daily serving of greens. For those on the go, the wide range of sandwiches and wraps is a great way to have fuss-free yet balanced meal.





elemen’s meatless set menus are calling out to all who are catching up with friends or colleagues over lunch. Made with fresh, natural ingredients, elemen’s recipes seek to improve wellbeing without compromising on the flavour. Choose from a 5-course or 8-course menu, which include appetiser, dessert and drinks — perfect for a relaxed gathering or celebrating a special occasion.





Treat yourself to a comforting lunch that’s also free of preservatives and dairy. Despite their name, Milkfish’s seafood soup does not contain any dairy — instead, the broth gets its signature smooth, creamy consistency from the slow cooking of ingredients. The time and patience that goes into each bowl pays off in nutritious, full-bodied flavours.



Black Knight Hotpot


If you’re making lunch plans for two, or as a larger group, Black Knight Hotpot have just the offer for you. Tuck into hearty lunch sets and enjoy 50% off every second Lunch Set you order. As is their signature, Black Knight’s lunch sets are bursting with flavour and sure to satisfy. 


Stopping by MW Creative Neighbourhood for a healthy, nourishing midday refuel? Don't forget to bite into special offers and promotions with your meal.


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