Creative Neighbourhood

Placing people at the heart of our destination

Intentionally designed as a private indoor shopping street, Millenia Walk has played host to a wide range of local & regional brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and comunities for almost 30 years. An epicentre of activity where people connect with each other in more ways than one, cultivating a sense of hope, opportunity and enterprising spirit within its halls.

Inspired by those who have made Millenia Walk what it is today, we hope to be more than just a place, but a community of people who share a heart for creativity, innovation and telling stories in fresh and unexpected ways. An inclusive space where we can converge, exchange thoughts, ideas and be inspired. A Creative Neighbourhood.

We are neighbours in many wonderful ways.

Our pursuit of new experiences. Our shared spirit of challenging norms and expressing ourselves boundlessly. Our commitment to uplift the environment and our community. We are a synergy of diverse identities and ideas. A community-led destination that captures curiosity, frees passion and inspires meaningful impact every day.

Nurturing our neighbourhood through these pillars:

Your passions are our passions too. Whether you’re all about standing out or standing for something (or both!), we're here for it.

 Let's Collaborate

We believe there is creativity all around. Sometimes all it takes is a spark of curiousity and wonder to see things a little differently.

Get Inspired

What's new in our Neighbourhood? 

The season of giving is upon us! Join us as we embark on a trail of local trees, timber, and woodcraft with one of the last few surviving sawmills in Singapore this festive season. More details coming your way soon!


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