The business of taking pictures is bigger than ever. And, in this age of the mobile phone camera, no one is exempt from being judged, in one way or another, on the shots they take. Whether you’re feeding your Instagram follower’s hunger for pretty pics of your latest food adventure, a casual Facebooker looking to beef up your album, or a serious student of photography armed with the latest gadgets to take that award-winning shot, here are some photography-related shopping ideas you can find at Millenia Walk. So, stay sharp and keep your eyes focused on the prize. It’s all going to be a snap!

Go Harvey!

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Harvey Norman at Millenia Walk has a very extensive Photography section. Combined with their well-stocked mobile phone accessories section, you’ve got pretty much all you need to satisfy your photo craze.


Start off with a selection of digital cameras. From high-end DSLRs to compact point-and-shoot models, you have a wide range of makes and models to choose from. Harvey Norman even stocks the GoPro range, so you can start taking photos and videos like a, well, pro!


Carry On Shooting

You’ll need something stylish to carry your gear around, and also to protect your precious equipment. The TimeCode Collection of camera bags from Herringbone are just the thing. Featuring retro-sensibility in its design, this is an all-in-one bag to fit your digital SLR, lens, flash, mobile phone, iPad, wallet and other belongings. Comes in four colours: Burgundy, Navy Olive and Sand.


iPhone, You Shoot

The iPhone has debatably one of the best built-in cameras in the mobile phone market. And this fact is supported by the many accessories that are available for the iPhone to fully utilize the camera features. One of the coolest iPhone-compatible gadgets available at Harvey Norman is the Cheerson CX-30W Drone Camera. Fully controllable with either your iPhone or the included remote control, it features a 2-megapixel camera that can shoot photos and videos, and sends the data directly to the iPhone, doing away with the need for SD cards. Time to get your secret agent on.


Stand and Deliver

Two legs good, three legs better. Every decent photographer needs to have a tripod or two in their arsenal of tools. Essential for the time-lapse photos, long exposures, and any other situation where you need a stable support for your camera. These days, tripods look as stylish as they are functional. The Pixi Evo from Manfrotto is a miniature lightweight tripod with two-section legs and five adjustable steps. Designed for entry-level DSLRs with large lenses, the Pixi Evo is bound to be one item you won’t leave home without.


Some Day, My Prints Will Come

While digital imaging may have revolutionized the way we take, share and look at photos, there’s still something about holding a hardcopy of a photo in your hands that adds gravitas to your shot. Harvey Norman has a whole section on instant photography products, including LG’s Pocket Photo Printers, and Fujifilm’s Instax Share, that let you print your photos on the go! But prints can be boring on their own. The Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop at Harvey Norman carries a range of accessories to zhuzh up your Instax prints, such as photo frames, albums, and photo luggage tags.

Bag That Perfect Shot

This one’s for the serious enthusiast who wants to impress even before you get the camera out. The Ronin Watches x Artisan and Artist bag is handcrafted in Japan from full-grain Italian calfskin leather and hand-forged brass. Buttery soft, yet exceedingly durable, it combines all the functionality of a camera bag without actually looking like one. It’s perfect for the discreet photographer who appreciates the finer things in life, but doesn’t want to be seen as showy. Plus, there are only 50 produced globally, so yours will truly be one of a select few. Brought to you by the lovely folks at Goodgoods, get in touch with them on Facebook if you want to reserve yours.

Stick It to Them

Love them or hate them, the selfie is here to stay. Sure, that shot of you and your bestie hamming it up at your last birthday party is not going to win you any accolades, but selfies do help to keep a visual record of the most memorable moments in your life. And, they’re pretty funny too. If you don’t wish to look like every other tourist out there, get your own stylish Colourful Monopod selfie-sticks from Mac Infinity and start showing yourself some self-love.

Planning for Redundancy

Known for curating unique items that cater to the hip crowd, The Redundant Shop carries a couple of stylish “goods” for the hipster photographer. Check out the New Era Hard Case, a camo-design hard-shell that straps onto the back for great protection and easy transport. For something more on the ironic side, there’s the Pelican Hard Case with Foam, that looks more like a camera case than some camera cases. But if cases are not your thing, why not a wrap? The Canon X SBTG Parsilia Camo Camera Strap and Protective Wrap cocoons your DSLR in a layer of protective neoprene for a sleek silhouette that won’t get in the way that bulkier cases would.
The Redundant Shop


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When you step into Millenia Walk, there’s a certain cachet that you’ve come to expect. As you look around, you see familiar faces looking back at you. The technophile, the socialite, the urban warrior, the dapper guy, the gourmet foodie, the artisan. Familiar because they are you, and you are them. In collaboration with photographer Lenne Chai and stylists FakedCandid, MW presents a unique exhibition featuring 10 installation pieces – faces created by assembling the unique items found here – placed in the Great Hall. Come take a look, and see the mall – and yourself – in a different light.