Why Rhythm Cycling Should Be Your New Favourite Workout with Absolute Cycle

Energetic beats, an animated atmosphere, and an exhilarating workout — what’s not to enjoy about rhythm cycling? Over the years, rhythm cycling — similar to the trademarked "spin" cycling — has steadily grown in popularity, thanks in part to its fun, refreshing approach to physical exercise.

If you’ve been quietly curious and thinking of taking the leap into the world of rhythm cycling, let Absolute Cycle be your guide. We chatted to them about what makes rhythm cycling so special, their expert answers to some common questions about rhythm cycling class, and their sage advice and encouragement for newcomers.


What makes rhythm cycling unique compared to other forms of exercise?

In rhythm cycling, you move to the rhythm and beats of the music, and their tempos determine your speed. On top of keeping the rhythm, you also try out a variety of choreographies on the bike that keep your workouts interesting, and further train your core muscles and tone your body.

It’s an exercise that integrates the different aspects of wellbeing. You get to clock in a high caloric burn while enjoying an energy and mood booster and immersing in an uplifting, empowering and inclusive environment.


Do you need to be at a certain fitness level to attend rhythm cycling class?

You do not have to be at a certain fitness level. We have classes that are beginner-friendly, and we constantly encourage and empower our community to listen to their body and take breaks when needed. 

There is a fine line between pushing your limits and giving yourself permission to rest and recover. Our classes are designed to ensure that you have both times to push and room for recovery. Our instructors are also trained to read the room and provide the support needed. This is what sets us apart — our team is highly equipped with the skills required to provide a holistic experience and a safe space for physical, mental, and emotional growth.


What do you enjoy the most about the community or atmosphere at class?

Everyone belongs to different walks of life and comes to rhythm cycling class for different reasons. That is what makes our community so vibrant and inclusive. To a lot of people, group exercise can seem intimidating. However, once you realise everyone here is willing to push together, even as strangers, it becomes easier to let your guard down and just enjoy the moment.


Do you have any advice for someone who’s trying rhythm cycling for the first time?

Enjoy. The. Process. Take it one day at a time, surrender all expectations and give yourself the chance and the time to grow stronger. 

People often get discouraged when they first arrive and feel unable to keep up, but everyone starts somewhere. Acknowledge your milestones, even on the days when it gets tough or when your body does not feel up to the task. It’s about learning to love and appreciate what your body can do — there is no competition or comparison as everyone is made different.


Complete the sentence: You should try spin if you _______.

You should try spin if you are looking for a safe space to get stronger and have the most fun while at it!


Ready for your first class? Join Absolute Cycle Singapore at Millenia Walk and enjoy complimentary drop-in credit to their rhythm cycling classes as a new member.

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