It's a Spring Awakening at the MW Creative Neighbourhood

And just like that, Spring is here!

Amidst the dawn of this new year, we would like to extend a warm invitation to you and your loved ones to experience spring in full bloom at the MW Creative Neighbourhood. Here, we embrace the very spirit that defines our community—one that thrives on exploration, innovation, and an unconventional approach to the familiar. Departing from the customary portrayal of spring through traditional floral motifs, we embark on a new journey of reinvention, where vibrant expressions and a myriad of colours breathe new life into the season.

This reimagining isn’t merely a visual spectacle, but a celebration of our shared growth and sense of unity that intertwines us as neighbours. Experience a reimagined celebration that transcends traditions while exploring unconventional paths this Spring Awakening at the MW Creative Neighbourhood!


Introducing our first-ever Light Showcase 

Continuing our commitment to intentionality and waste reduction, we are extending the longevity of the Millenia Walk Seed Tree by repurposing the installation for the Lunar New Year. Throughout this process, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Gabriel Chan, an esteemed lighting designer renowned for over a decade of accolades and a strong portfolio comprising local and international projects. Inspired by his expertise, we have embarked on a collaborative journey to curate a captivating light show performance tailored for our community. 

The full show with a total of 8 mins runtime, unveils three short stories of spring and togetherness. The first, titled Spring in Full Bloom, brings you on a journey of transformation from a serene white winter to burst of colourful spring, signalling the awakening of life. This is followed by Joyous Reunions, a light spectacle capturing the warmth of reuniting with loved ones and bonding over shared traditions this Lunar New Year. The show wraps up with Growing Together, echoing the lively interactions flourishing within our diverse community conveyed through the radiant and vibrant tones of spring.  

The light show starts from 12 January onwards till 24 February
Lunchtime Matinee: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm daily  |  Afterhours: 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30 pm daily

31 Jan - 2 Feb, 7pm - 8pm
Art of Calligraphy Workshop

Join us in celebrating the auspicious Year of the Dragon with a unique calligraphy workshop where you'll create beautiful keepsakes by learning how to inscribe well-wishes on exquisite fans. A perfect activity for both adults and children to enjoy together! 


3 - 4 Feb, 5pm - 6pm 
Sauce Appreciation Workshop by Nanyang Sauce

Explore the five tastes, including Umami flavours while uncovering the secrets of crafting traditional artisanal soy sauce. Discover Nanyang’s rich history and learn to differentiate between commercial and artisan soy sauce while identifying naturally fermented varieties.

13 Feb, 11:28am
Lion Dance Performance

Be part of the excitement at The Great Hall as we welcome the Year of the Dragon with a spectacular Lion Dance performance. Prepare for a celebration that promises to be unforgettable, blending cultural richness with the aura of good fortune.


Bloom in Prosperity
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In Pixel-Perfect Harmony 

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A Gift of Gratitude from Us to You
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Sweets of Elegance
Redeem an exclusive gift from Conrad Centennial Singapore—12 pieces of assorted pralines crafted for your delight. Available from 12 Jan - 9 Feb with $1288 spend.


Excitement fills the air in the MW Creative Neighbourhood as we eagerly await a fresh season of new beginnings with all our lovely neighbours. Let us embrace the possibilities that 2024 holds. Do keep an eye out for unbeatable promotions and deals coming your way real soon, just in time for the much anticipated festivities and reunion dinners. See you around the neighbourhood!