The man behind the lights - meet our newest neighbour, Gabriel Chan

 Luminous Lunar Brilliance Unveiled


Embarking on a venture inspired by our tradition of embracing innovation, we find ourselves on a journey of discovering new ways to celebrate the arrival of Spring in the MW Creative Neighbourhood. For this creative endeavour, we have partnered with lighting designer Gabriel Chan, renowned for his expertise in large-scale productions both locally and internationally.

We’re delighted to welcome Gabriel to the neighbourhood as he takes on the task of illuminating the Millenia Walk Seed Tree, repurposed for our Lunar New Year festivities. In anticipation of the captivating light display, we sat down with Gabriel to delve deeper into his creative process.


What was your creative process like working on a light showcase for the MW Creative Neighbourhood?

My main design portfolio is in the entertainment and performing arts, so lighting design for these media is usually more of a supportive role as performers take the limelight. We help shape performances and narratives, but we usually do not take the driver’s seat. 

With this brand new light and sound show for Millenia Walk, lighting and sound takes centre stage. The installation is not meant to be seen as a video surface, but the movement of the lights with music may hopefully drive one’s imagination and invoke certain emotions for viewers. So there is definitely more heavy lifting for lighting design, which is a very refreshing take! 

How does this project compare to other projects you've worked on in the past?

This would be a first for me designing for a mall. Most of the light and sound shows I have created are usually for live audiences. I have however designed for settings similar to malls with the intention of captivating incident footfall. The most notable project is probably the opening season of the Gardens by the Bay at the Supertrees Grove. It might just be a coincidence, but it is quite fascinating that both these projects have trees and nature in mind! 


Can you share abit more of the concept and inspiration behind the light show?

This year’s theme is about Spring in bloom. A celebration of the end of winter, a fresh start to the new year, and what better picture of blooming flowers to represent new beginnings? As the installation itself is shaped in an enclave, we hope the lighting design also provides a tranquil environment that patrons can step into for a little respite. A little garden in the heart of the city. 


What do you hope visitors will take away from the light showcase?

The installation is meant to be both seen from afar and up close. From a distance, viewers may have a wider perspective of the movement of lights and how they dance to the music.

While this is not a video wall, the various movements and colour of lights may just stir one’s imagination. Just make sure one is not too far away to enjoy the music! At the same time, if we step right into the heart of the installation, it will also make for an immersive experience. Feel the lights swirl around to the beat of the music during the light and sound show. Or just chill out in the enclave during the downtime and feel the heartbeat of the lights. 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting light show, where not only can you revel in a mesmerising display, but also capture its magic through your lens. The show offers a plethora of captivating angles and perspectives, making it a perfect photo op for photography enthusiasts. Share your best snaps on the gram and don't forget to tag us at #MWCreativeNeighbourhood!

Catch the Expressions of Spring light show from now till 24th February at The Great Hall at these showtimes:
Lunchtime matinee: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm | After hours: 6.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm

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