The Art of Gifting with Love Languages

Ever received a present and felt like it was the perfect gift? Chances are, the gift giver has identified how you enjoy receiving affection. 

A good gift tells the recipient you care about them — that you have spent time and effort into selecting something you think they will like. Rather than fret about the gift alone though, understanding your recipient’s love language can help you make gift giving much easier for you, and more appreciated by them!


Love languages refer to the different ways and styles in which we express and communicate our love to the people around us, as well as how we prefer to receive love from others. Out of the 5 love languages — Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch — most of us have one or two preferred love languages. 

Knowing which love languages our loved ones prefer helps us understand what gifts, experiences, and actions they will treasure the most. Even if your beloved has a love language other than Receiving Gifts, gifts may be very welcomed, and there are a multitude of gift ideas that speak to each love language. 

In the spirit of sincere connection and placing people first at MW Creative Neighbourhood, we explore the 5 love languages and accompanying gift ideas that can help us connect with our loved ones on a deeper level.



Receiving Gifts


When it comes to receiving gifts, what these people value the most isn’t the cost or scale of gift itself but thought behind it. For example, classic romantic gifts like jewellery and flowers can be either a run-of-the-mill gift or a thoughtful and considered present. It all depends on the significance behind the jewellery or flowers you choose!

The best gifts are items that has been crafted with the utmost care for their hobby or special interest. Think jewellery or prints from Alexandria Maison for art lovers, audio products from Absolute Sound, Atlas Sound & Vision or AV Intelligence for bona fide music aficionados, or drinkware from HULS Gallery Singapore for the tea or sake connoisseur.



Quality Time


If your loved one often initiates spending time together, they likely value quality time as a love language. Often, they simply cherish your undivided attention and will enjoy casual moments like movie nights at home or uninterrupted conversations over dinner.

Plan something memorable by letting them introduce you to something they enjoy, such as a new cuisine or a hobby of theirs. Why not put together a picnic with snacks and pastries they’ll love from Meidi-Ya, Pullman Bakery, or Patisserie G, or find the perfect spot to spend quality time together over dining and drinks from a variety of cuisines at Millenia Walk?



Acts of Service


Actions speak loudest for those who belong to this category. They’re not after grand gestures, but simple ways of showing support. Pack a lunch when they’re having a big day at work or pick up on with tasks or chores when they’re busy. 

Besides taking the time to do simple acts of service for them, they’ll also love a gift that supports a particular area of their life. This could range from hair styling tools to an espresso machine from Harvey Norman. Thinking of going the extra mile? Create a cosy nook for them to enjoy their hobbies or interests, perhaps with a comfy chair or shelving unit from Commune or Grey and Sanders for reading. 



Words of Affirmation


Whether spoken or written, caring and affectionate words are the way to the heart of your loved ones with this love language. To them, words of affirmation help to recognise and confirm the feelings of those around them. They appreciate regular reminders of your feelings, showing support through compliments, encouragement, or expressing your gratitude.

As a gift, shower them with love through a heartfelt, handwritten letter. Add a beautiful and thoughtful touch with cards and stationery from Flower Matters or Hyggerium and use this opportunity to let them know how much they mean to you.



Physical Touch


When someone communicates through this love language, they feel love primarily through physical closeness or intimacy. Hugs, holding hands, pats on the back, or even sitting close enough to touch are some of the ways they feel appreciated and comforted. 

They’ll enjoy gifts that are focused on physical touch and contact, such as attending a social dance class together and giving them a massage with the help of skincare from Hermetise or KGlow Skin Lab.


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