BODY, HEART & SOUL (May to Jul 2022)

Introducing BODY, HEART & SOUL.

Visit the new art exhibition at The Great Hall, Millenia Walk to learn more about the exhibit, designers and working mechanism behind the installation.

Looking for something to do during the weekends? You're more than welcome to sign-up for the Heart of Computing workshops to gain more insight!

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HULS Gallery Singapore (New)

HULS Gallery Singapore curates fine crafts from around Japan. Each of these distinctive crafts brings its own heritage and expression, but together they illustrate the country’s distinctive appreciation of beauty.

The gallery showcases a collection of ceramics, lacquerware, glass, textiles, woodworks and bamboo works produced by various
promising artists, eager to share their work around the world. The sophisticated interior design, infused with a deep sense of nature – reflects the best of both Singapore and Japan.

Click here, for more details.

Jewel Penta (New)

Jewel Penta specializes in precious and semi-precious gemstones, as well as eloquent, designer pieces. Renowned for their mastery in corals, Jewel Penta showcases an exclusive range of intricate coral jewellery.

You will never go wrong with their one-of-a-kind bespoke jewellery, whether it be engagement rings, statement pieces or just a piece of jewellery you would simply love to own. 

For more information, visit 

Corporate Events at Paulaner Bräuhaus

Good news – Corporate Events at Paulaner Bräuhaus are back to normal!

Just one call or email away, please contact 6883 2572 or drop an email to for your customised event quotation.